What Makes the Charity Auctioneers Different?

Superior Bid Calling Skills

Our Auctioneers have graduated from professional Auctioneer Schools.

How is This Important to You?

Your organization will benefit by having an auctioneer who is trained by the best in the business.

Superior Selling Skills

Our auctioneers have all completed professional sales training courses and have years of practice putting those skills to use raising money for our clients.

Why is This Important to Your Organization?

You want to sell all of your auction lots for the highest possible price and having someone who not only understands sales, but has completed several sales training programs will ensure that our auctioneers use those skills to raise the most money possible for your facility.

Superior Public Speaking Skills

Our Senior Auctioneers are all members of the National Speakers Association.

Why is This Important and How Does It Benefit My Organization?

There are some auctioneers who are great at bid calling, but not so great when it comes to public speaking. And, a lot of what it takes to conduct a great auction involves public speaking. It is one thing to speak without appearing nervous, but it is quite another thing to speak with confidence, enthusiasm and excitement, all of which are necessary ingredients for a successful auction. As professional speakers with years of public speaking experience that is exactly the skill set we bring to every auction.

Superior Stage Presence and Performance Skills

This is where our auction company sets itself apart from all others. Our auctioneers have worked as professional stand-up comedians.

Why is This Important and How Does It Benefit My Organization?

This unique skill set means that our auctioneers have perfected their timing, control of the audience and have mastered the stage and performance skills needed to take their auctions to a level of excitement. Our auctioneers are not about cracking jokes, auctions are a serious business for us, but when you have the skills to lighten the mood with a quick comment or the perfect timing of a remark that pulls the audience in and puts people in the buying mood we succeed in taking the auction to the next level. Our auctioneers have worked as the opening act for comedy legends like Dennis Miller, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Bob Saget and many others. With that kind of high-level pressure as your practice ground, conducting an auction becomes easy and fun, yet we take it serious so that we raise the maximum amount of money for your facility.

Superior Marketing and Promotions Skills

We have a wealth of experience creating outstanding targeted marketing campaigns that ensure the maximum attendance at your auctions.

How Does This Experience Benefit My Organization?

The more people that attend your auction, the more competitive bidding becomes and ultimately this drives up the prices at which your auction lots sell.

Superior Support Team

Why is This Important to My Auctions?

Our support teams are made up of professional bid spotters and ring-men that add additional levels of professionalism to our auctions. Their high energy and skilled audience interaction raises the excitement of each auction and the level of participation ultimately leading to higher bids and higher selling prices.

Superior Auction Production

How Does This Help My Auction?

Our entire team wears professional uniforms, so that at all times your auction attendees know exactly who is in charge and who can help them.

We use a professional sound system to raise the level of professionalism and to ensure the best outcome. We provide your attendees with professional bid cards and the highest level of professional customer service.

If you are ready to see how we can take your auctions to the next level without adding a level of expense, give us a call today:

7-888-96 Auction